COMAP Greece

A leading brand

Since 1947, COMAP has been among the most respected brands in heating, sanitary, air conditioning and plumbing solutions. SkinPress, the multilayer press-fit system, SAR heating valves and Senso thermostatic heads are well-regarded by construction professionals.

Specialists in connection, control, water treatment and sanitary fittings, we have taken on the mission of contributing to energy efficiency in buildings and reducing costs, all the while improving comfort and safety. Our products and systems contribute directly to efficient installations and to construction projects optimised for time and quality.

Our sales force is organised to ensure close contact with our clients around the world:

  • Sales subsidiaries covering over 20 countries
  • Sales platforms responsible for marketing COMAP solutions
  • Export zone managers responsible for the French overseas territories (DOM-TOM), Central Europe, Eastern Europe, the Maghreb region and the Middle East
  • A sedentary customer support team, in charge of following orders and providing technical assistance.

COMAP HELLAS S.A., a subsidiary of COMAP group, was established in 1989 and operates in Greece, Cyprus and the rest of the Balkan countries.

Provides professionals with COMAP's specialized solutions at the distribution and technical support level, with promptness and consistency.

Since 2016, the company has established an office in Skopje, staffed with specialized personel, offering high quality services to Balkan customers.

European-made quality

COMAP is one of the few groups in its sector to design and manufacture its own products. This unique positioning makes our industrial know-how a major asset and a guarantee of reliability. Our products are designed and manufactured in Europe, at our factories (France, Italy) and at those of the group Aalberts.

Multilayer, PEX and steel pipes, press, push and traditional fittings, thermostatic heads and valves, balancing valves, sanitary components, under-floor heating… COMAP offers construction professionals one of the widest choices on the market in terms of products, technologies and product ranges.

A French industrial group, we have three industrial sites in France and Italy. Our logistics platform, located in Checy (France), handles all our distribution to more than 50 destinations worldwide.

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