Welded and screw fittings - Sudo


Welded and screw fittings
  • A range of copper fittings from 6 to 108 mm in diameter
  • A range of brass fittings from 10 to 76 mm in diameter
  • A range of bronze fittings from 10 to 108 mm in diameter
  • Fittings in conformity with EN 1254-1 standard
  • Most fittings bear an 'A' mark, guaranteeing that they come from COMAP.

Sudo welded and screw-on fitting benefits

  • Versatile Sudo fittings can be used in drinking water, heating, chilled water, underfloor heating and domestic water systems.
  • This wide product range fits into most hydraulic network configurations.



Sudo Brass

1. Thermal treatment for maximum strength
2. High-quality brass, conforming to standards
3. The COMAP 'A' mark: a guarantee of quality




Sudo Bronze

1. High-quality bronze, conforming to the EN 1254-1 standard
2. Marked to guarantee quality




Sudo Copper

1. European-made high-quality copper
2. Sudo logo: the COMAP guarantee
3. Diameter marked for better identification



Sudo welded and screw fitting applications

Sudo fittings have been designed for the following applications:

    Sudo Copper
Sudo Brass/Bronze
Drinking water
Domestic hot water
Hot water networks
Under-floor heating and cooling
Chilled water
Solar heating
District heating
Water vapour
Process water
Dry compressed air (oil < 25mg/m3)
Lubricated compressed air (oil > 25mg/m3)


Compatible applications (stay within temperature and pressure limits)

Incompatible applications


For more details on the temperature and pressure conditions needed for these applications, please refer to the data sheet for this range.
Sudo fittings may be used for renovation and in new installations. 
Sudo fittings must only be used with copper pipes that are in conformity with the EN 1057 standard.