Carbon steel pipes


Carbon steel pipe
  • A range of pipes from 12 to 108 mm in diameter
  • These pipes are made of carbon steel, with or without a polypropylene layer.
  • The material used for these pipes is ultra-low-carbon (ULC) steel.
  • Carbon steel pipes are equipped with red caps.
  • Carbon steel pipe tolerance in conformity with the EN 10305-3 standard.

Carbon-steel pipe benefits

  • These pipes are manufactured from thin-walled precision steel, which makes them very light.
  • The pipes are closed with coloured caps for easy identification.
  • The caps also prevent impurities from entering.
  • The layer of zinc protects the pipes from external corrosion.
  • The layer of white polypropylene protects the pipes from external corrosion and shock. Aesthetically, this layer also enables the pipe to be painted more easily.

1 Coloured caps
2 Permanent markings
3 High-quality steel

Carbon-steel pipe applications

Carbon-steel pipes are used mainly in closed-circuit central-heating and climate-control systems.

Carbon steel is not suitable for drinking-water applications.

Carbon-steel pipes must only be used with COMAP XPress or SudoPress fittings in carbon steel.