High capacity safety unit 8881 elbow angled

High capacity safety unit 8881 elbow angled

This hydraulic safety unit protects the hot-water generator from the risk of bursting. It allows water to be purged after expansion from heating, avoiding overpressure in the water heater. When placed upstream of the tank, it supplies the tank with cold water.

It performs 5 main functions:

  • Protection against over-pressurisation
  • Drainage
  • Isolation
  • Anti-contamination
  • Discharge


  • Packaged with an information notice on water flow when heating is active
  • Colours for reference:  Black: control unit
    • White: purge unit
    • Red: user-accessible components (shutoff valve, valve button)
  • Made in France in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory
  • 5 year guarantee 


7 bar model, 1" elbow angled, horizontal supply

  • Nominal pressure  10 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 95°C
  • Maximum power:   1’’ : 250Kw