Safety units

COMAP offers a variety of extremely efficient safety units. This safety unit maintains pressure below 7 bar in electric water heaters. Easy to install, with an innovative design, the whole product range meets installers' needs perfectly.

We anticipate and go beyond the requirements of applicable standards, using materials that guarantee higher performance and ensure long-term quality and dependability. 

For each situation, we have an appropriate solution, with a wide variety of safety units for each type of system and water quality.

Our products are manufactured in France, in our Abbeville factory which is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
COMAP is environmentally conscious, and we offer products that are lighter and are manufactured with recyclable materials. They are compatible with all energy sources, including renewable sources.

Which safety unit should I choose?


Water quality 889 standard 889 stanless steel Reverso
Mineral salts  
High content
Low content       
Neutral water, pH=7 à 8.5      
Acidic water, pH=6.5 à 7      
Soft water TH < 15°f    
Hard water TH from 15°f to 30°f      
Very hard water TH >30°f