Ball valves

COMAP ball valves can be used in water distribution (potable and not), heating and air conditioning systems. Made in quality raw material including CW617N brass and PTFE, COMAP ball valves are reliable and sturdy to perform accurate shutoff even years after installation.

  • Nominal diameter
  • Thread end dimension
  • Manufacturing date
  • European Brass CW617N


Product Features

  • Reversible handle
  • Full bore ball valve
  • Possible to use a stem extension

Quality and security

  • High temperature resistant
  • Ball, body, and cover in high quality brass CW617N
  • External nickel plating to protect against corrosion
  • Water-tightness stem with tightenable packing gland
  • Threads according ISO 228
  • Traceability (body and handle COMAP marked)
  • 5 years warranty
  • ACS 16 ACC NY 057