Pipes, fittings and accessories

COMAP offers a wide range of pipes and fittings for underfloor heating and cooling systems.

  • PEX pipes, made in France, in accordance with the ISO 15875 and ATEC standards, are available bare, with an AOB (Anti-Oxygen Barrier), sheathed and insulated.
  • MultiSkin multilayer pipes, a full range of pipes in diameters ranging from 14 mm to 32 mm, have a 0.2 mm aluminium core that makes them more flexible when handling. These pipes are in conformity with the EN ISO 21003 and ATEC standards.
  • COMAP also offers all the fittings to connect the various elements quickly and reliably.
  • Mounting accessories for pipes are also available and compatible with the various insulating tiles in the Biofloor range.


    BetaPex pipes MultiSkin Pipes
APPLICATIONS Block system Optima ++ +
Flat-slab system Planea ++ +
Flat-slab system Exact ++ +
System Dry - ++
Flexibility + ++
Colour Red White
AOB (Anti-Oxygen Barrier) Optional (3 layers) Included (aluminium)
Diameters DN 14 - 16 - 18 - 20 DN 14 à 32
Long lengths 600 m and 800 m -