Manifolds and cabinets

Our range of manifolds mean you can install systems in any configuration, offering you maximum flexibility and ease of installation. Each range can be complemented with accessories and the manifold can be extended with a perfectly adapted pump unit.

There are three models of cabinet, giving each of your installations a very professional finish, and ensuring maximum protection.

COMAP manifolds

    K9000TP V9006
USE Heating and cooling ++ +
INSTALLATION Modular (you can add additional circuits on site) ++ +
Can be assembled in any position ++ +
Quick and easy ++ +
FEATURES Thermal insulation properties ++ +
Material Glass-fibre-reinforced polyamide Stainless steel
EQUIPMENT Drain Automatic Automatic
M30 x 1.5 connection for servometer OK OK
¾'' Eurocone pipe fittings OK OK
Rate meter (1-4l/min) OK OK
Temperature measurements on the outgoing and incoming circuits OK OK
Ball valves on outgoing and incoming circuits Included Included


COMAP includes the following manifolds: