Radiant systems

COMAP has combined the very best of its expertise to bring you the underfloor heating and cooling system that combines comfort, aesthetics and energy savings.

Underfloor heating and cooling systems can be used in a variety of applications: detached houses, collective housing, schools or hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries or industry.

With its offer, COMAP has designed a customised, modular solution that can be adapted to the specific requirements of each project.

Our teams are available to help you select the ideal radiant system and to assist you in every step of your project, from sizing to installation.

4 good reasons to choose COMAP

A system-based approach

COMAP radiant system has been especially designed as a complete system in which the different components – insulating tiles, pipes, manifold, control system and accessories – work together to meet the specific needs of each application.

Efficient products

The main components – PEX pipes and the K9000TP manifold – are manufactured in COMAP factories in France.
The other components are selected for their quality and efficiency:

  • Wireless control Biofloor Connect CA = 0.5K eu.bac certified

The COMAP polyamide manifold guarantees comfort in both winter and summer as it is especially adapted for cooling systems.

Ease of installation

Each component of the system has been selected for its ease of installation and use in all configurations.

Systems with a 10-year guarantee

COMAP offers a 10-year guarantee for its underfloor heating and cooling solutions, covering all incidents for which it is liable and where the entire system is a COMAP system.
For more details on the terms of the guarantee, please refer to the COMAP guarantee conditions.