Connection solutions

Proven technology, ideal for new construction and renovation

Networks must ensure that water and energy are safely transported around a building. The quality of networks affects that of the entire installation. COMAP solutions ensure quality design and high-end manufacturing, for reliable, long-lasting installations.

Designed to meet a wide range of needs, in terms of applications and project types, COMAP connection systems can be used for heating, hot-water and air-conditioning installations, whatever the technical requirements. 

Unbeatable choice and quality

  • COMAP expertise: 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of connection solutions for the construction industry.
  • High quality: the entire COMAP multiconnect range is manufactured in Europe.
  • Guaranteed performance: COMAP systems are certified by most leading agencies worldwide and are guaranteed for 10 years.
  • A wide range of solutions: thanks to a broad selection of materials and technologies, COMAP has a solution for every connection project.

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Systèmes de raccordement par matériau

Fittings and multilayer pipes, PEX, copper and steel

Our connection technologies

Press-fit, push-fit and traditional fittings