Dynamic balancing valves - PICV


Dynamic balancing valves

Dynamic, or automatic, balancing valves enable maintenance of constant flow in the circuit, independent of pressure.

They continuously regulate pressure between the send and return.

They are especially recommended when pressure variation occurs frequently in the system, in order to limit repercussions in each branch.

PICV automatic balancing valves link the functions of a balancing valve and a flow limiter.

The dynamics of the system guarantee the independence of flow rate from pressure variations in the system.

When used with an actuator and controller, the PICV valve enables on/off or modulated flow regulation.

PICV balancing valve benefits

The main advantages of PICV valves 

Excellent performance
Automatic balancing

  • Fluctuations in pressure are automatically compensated for, in order to maintain constant flow.
  • The use of a Venturi unit allows direct flow measurement, without modifying the settings of the measuring tool during operation.

Simplified balancing

  • Just set the valve for the flow desired, and balancing is achieved.
  • Total control over flow.
  • Valve exerts 100% power over its entire range.

Save time and money

  • Direct flow measurement
  • Super-easy selection.
  • Flexible installation.
  • No straight pipe needed. Connect directly to flexible pipe or elbow fittings, in any position.
  • Simple identification.
  • Cartridge colour coding
  • Push-fit connection to measuring points.
  • Very wide product range (DN 15 – 50).

PICV balancing valve applications

PICV valves are suited for the following applications:

Unit ventilators
Apartment modules